Comparison Of Different Types Of Machine Learning On Remote Education

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  • Mehmet Bisen
  • Alper Yusuf Ozbey
  • Yusuf Koroglu
  • Adam Sharif
  • Yusuf Sinan



AI, machine learning, remote education, pandemic, experiment, studies, trial and error, covid, process, future, personalized feedback


The effects of Artificial Intelligence on today's world have been life changing, but how exactly has AI had an impact on humans? The motive for these observations is to provide others a better understanding of how AI enhances our learning experience for the greater, and it also lets us comprehend the differentiation to non-AI involving situations. While accounting multiple studies into comparison, this has helped us analyze these concepts. The use of AI results in a further more personalized experience with extended learning gains when put into comparison to standard computed programs, also enabling a finer learning experience. This document answers questions regarding the dependability and the outcomes of using AI and how AI works


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