Impact of Migration on Personal Portrait of Migrants

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  • R. Malini PG Department of Commerce and Research Centre, Sri Parasakthi College for Women, Courtallam
  • A. Ayisha PG Department of Commerce and Research Centre, Sri Parasakthi College for Women, Courtallam



impact of migration, migrants, personal portrait


The home and homeland of every living being is the safe and secure place to live in. In order to uphold their standard of living, people emigrate from their country and immigrate to other countries. The standard of living largely endorsed by personal portrait of migrants. This phenomenon induces the researchers to analyse the impact of migration on personal portraits of the migrants in pre and post migration. The analysis done on the basis of primary data collected from 520 Indian Muslim Migrants from Tamil Nadu by adopting snow ball non- probability sampling. The responses of migrants regarding their self portrait before and after migration tested with the help of paired “t” test. The notable changes have been identified in migrants’ Personal Grooming, Communication, Preference of Food, Eating Habit and Smartness. Besides, the result revealed that migrants’ looked their unhealthy behaviour such as smoking, consuming of alcohol and drugs as habits. The migrants should strengthen the positive impact on self portrait to heal self and become the best human capital for the home land and the country they live. Besides, they should wane their unhealthy behaviour to become role model for the potential migrants of homeland.


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