Exploring the Impact of Excessive Social Media Use on Mental Health and Social Interaction

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  • Emine Yildirim Harmony Science Academy Pflugerville
  • Ervanur Unal
  • Mustafa Yazici University of Texas at Austin
  • Asiye Akin Harmony Science Academy Pflugerville




Social Media, mental health, Addiction, Dopamine, antisocial, youth, mindfulness, loneliness, well-being, isolation


This paper examines the impact of excessive social media usage on mental health and well-being, focusing on its potential to trigger antisocial behavior, deteriorate mental health, and foster addictive tendencies. Despite the label "social," social media can diminish social interactions, contributing to feelings of loneliness and heightened social anxiety. Neurologically, the brain's reward system responds to social media interactions with dopamine release, cultivating addictive behavior, especially among young users. Studies reveal direct links between extensive social media engagement and increased anxiety and depression. The intricate relationship between dopamine, digital engagement, and mental well-being underscores the vulnerability of younger individuals. Balancing the allure of virtual connection with the risks of addiction necessitates a mindful approach to social media usage, including time limits and the pursuit of diverse offline activities. This inquiry highlights the importance of informed engagement to preserve well-being in the era of pervasive social media.


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