BTCEN Project: Application of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain

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  • Cihan Bulut George Brown College, Toronto, Canada



Blockchain, Supply Chain Management, Transparency, BTCEN Project, Efficiency.


The "BTCEN Project: Application of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain'' article examines the potential impacts of blockchain technology on supply chain management. This paper highlights how products can increase transparency, reliability, and traceability in supply chains by recording their journey from source to the end user. BTCEN aims to bring a modern perspective to the supply chain by integrating e-commerce, tokenization, CRM, and ERP modules. The project accelerates business processes and reduces costs by eliminating intermediaries, thus providing significant benefits to businesses and consumers. The article shows how blockchain technology can be a valuable tool beyond financial transactions, especially in supply chain management. The success of the BTCEN Project represents a promising example of the potential of blockchain technology to provide innovative solutions in different sectors and lays a solid foundation for future applications of this technology. 


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