Covid-19 and sociovirtualization

Exploring new ways to socialize

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Covid-19, sociovirtualization, socialization, virtual platforms, digital interactions


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes in social interaction, necessitating the exploration of new ways to socialize. This article employs a literature review methodology to delve into the impact of Covid-19 on socialization and the emergence of sociovirtualization as an alternative means of connecting and engaging with others in the digital realm.

The article begins with an overview of the Covid-19 pandemic's global impact on social interaction, highlighting the need for physical distancing and the subsequent rise of sociovirtualization. The literature review method is then employed to examine relevant studies, research articles, and scholarly publications that shed light on the concepts of sociovirtualization and its implications for socialization. The advantages of sociovirtualization are examined, emphasizing the benefits it offers in terms of bridging geographical barriers, ensuring safety during the pandemic, and enabling global knowledge sharing. However, the article also acknowledges the challenges and limitations associated with sociovirtualization, such as technical issues and the potential impact on social connections.

Strategies for overcoming the barriers to sociovirtualization are discussed, highlighting the importance of improved infrastructure, enhanced virtual features, and inclusive digital literacy programs. The article also explores the relationship between sociovirtualization and mental well-being, recognizing both the positive aspects of maintaining social connections and the potential challenges of excessive screen time and limited physical interactions.

The article considers the future of socialization, envisioning sociovirtualization as a norm in our social lives. It emphasizes the need for a balanced approach that combines virtual and in-person interactions to foster authentic human connections. By embracing sociovirtualization while considering its implications, we can navigate the current circumstances and prepare for a future where virtual and real-world interactions coexist harmoniously.




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