Evolution of digital transformations in IT companies

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Evolution, digitalization, IT companies, business process management, artificial intelligence, blockchain, organizational transformation


This article discusses the evolution and approaches of digitalization of business processes within IT companies, highlighting the transformative effects of this shift on operational efficiency and strategic management. By integrating digital technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing, IT companies are redefining the landscape of business process management. The paper examines how IT companies' digital technologies have evolved as business processes have been optimised, management decision-making processes have been improved, and service quality has been enhanced. It also looks at issues such as data security, privacy concerns and the need for skilled labour. The evolution of digitalization in IT Companies is investigated through the prism of retrospective historical analysis of how digitalization has evolved in the IT sector and early adaptations, the shift towards more integrated digital solutions. The research methodology includes a blend of qualitative and quantitative approaches, analyzing case studies from various IT companies that have successfully navigated the digital transformation journey. The findings indicate that digitalization, when strategically implemented, leads to significant improvements in process efficiency, cost reduction, and competitive advantage. However, it also necessitates a cultural shift within organizations, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and adaptation to technological advancements. The paper concludes by proposing strategies for effectively managing the transition towards a digitally empowered business environment. 


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