Revolutionizing education: A study on Intelligent Tutoring Systems in U.S education

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  • Alper Yusuf Ozbey
  • Shakhzoda Mubinova
  • Mohamed Abdelgadir
  • Merve Kevser Gokgol



Intelligent Tutoring Systems, ITS, MATHia, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Personalized Feedback, Algorithm , education


Over the decades, AI has been drastically impacting health care, entertainment, finance,
transportation, and many other industries, but specifically, how has it impacted education
systems in the United States? With a better ability at examining data points, strengths, and
weaknesses, in this study, we investigate how MATHia, an intelligent tutoring system, uses
AI and how it has affected student performance in mathematics. AI-driven online tutoring
offers a human-like learning environment that encourages collaboration with the students in
order to learn from them and create individualized courses based on the students' emotions,
progress, and learning preferences. MATHia was developed to resemble a human tutor and
personalize learning based on each individual's area of weakness. Did these online tutors
present a cost-effective and revolutionary solution to real-life tutors? Was MATHia effective
in enhancing students' knowledge of the mathematical concepts they had to learn? What can
be done in the future to further expand the benefits of these systems? This research answers
all of these questions by taking three standpoints into consideration (educational, economic,
and futuristic standpoints), each with its own unique data, problems, and solutions to these


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Ozbey, A. Y. ., Shakhzoda Mubinova, Mohamed Abdelgadir, & Merve Kevser Gokgol. (2023). Revolutionizing education: A study on Intelligent Tutoring Systems in U.S education . London Journal of Social Sciences, (6), 152–157.