Agile Change Management of Ukraine's IT Sector's and Value Creation Amidst Conflict

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Ukrainian IT, value creation, agile change management, value creation strategy, value stream mapping


The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has posed significant challenges to the country's IT sector. Despite these challenges, the sector has demonstrated remarkable resilience, adapting to the new realities and continuing to provide critical services to both domestic and international clients.

This research examines the Ukrainian IT industry before and after the war, and designs a value stream mapping of the sector that is applicable to current realities. It also explores the value creation strategies employed by the sector to maintain productivity and deliver value to its clients.

The research finds that the sector has adopted a number of strategies to mitigate the impact of the war on its value stream, including attracting and retaining talent, investing in skill development and upskilling, adopting agile project management, implementing automated testing and continuous quality improvement, enhancing cybersecurity measures, and expanding into new markets and diversifying customer base. The sector's ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver value in the face of adversity provides valuable insights and lessons for other sectors and countries facing similar challenges.


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