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Business and Economics

Business for the New Normal
Start-up business and entrepreneurship
Immigrant entrepreneurship
Agile as the newest concept of business discipline



Educating for the New Normal
Psychosocial 'Norms' for Higher Education in 2021
Psychosocial 'Norms' for Higher Education in 2021
Online education, different platforms and difficulties
New Normal and the model of rapid-change educational management 
New Normal and digital-based school education management as the future school
Educational development in remote areas after the pandemic


Regional Studies

Asian Studies
National strategy to combat Covid-19
African Studies
European Studies
American Studies


Social Sciences and Humanities

New Normal and ”Socio Virtualization”
New Normal and psychological condition of people
Psychosocial barometers for 2021: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
Psychosocial considerations in the time of Covid-19
The importance of an active lifestyle in mental stability 
Charity managing, transferring to needy people
Conflicts and ways to resolve them
Multinational cultures


Interdisciplinary Researches

New norms of the Post-Covid  world in all spheres
Resilience in times of increasing uncertainty
New norms of Post-Covid: Impacts, challenges and solutions
The importance of an active lifestyle in mental stability
Examples of different support programs of governments in the period of the pandemic
Migration and remittances before and after COVID-19



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